Wednesday, May 27, 2015


  One month ago, contacted with me in order to co operate.
I find it really difficult to pick the items as in you can find so many fashionable pieces in really good prices in every style.
I ended up with these two amazing, really simple and stylish pieces.
The crop top has a perfect fit and it is a piece that you can wear every day, which I like. It has this "hipster BOY" print which looks exactly like the original one. 
The shorts is a great romantic piece and it comes in 3 colours and in 3 sizes. Unfortunately it has a small fit even if I chose the size large but it doesn't bother me that much by the time.
The items were in perfect conditions as every piece was individually packaged.
I received the items 20 days after  my purchase which I expected to happen, as lalalilo is a Chinese online shop.

Hope you liked it dudes. 

BOY Crop top: click me
Shorts: click me

Lalalilo site:  click me

Kiss Hug Kiss
Nadia D.